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AMHRG “Optically Clear” C10 Chevy Truck Flush Mount Acrylic Windshield


AM Hot Rod Glass can build a new custom “Optically Clear” acrylic windshield for you, Simply provide us with the original windshield or we can help you design a new template or plug for the AM Hot Rod Glass fabrication process.

AM Hot Rod Glass “Optically Clear” acrylic windshields make is easy for the custom
builder to extend their original glass for a flush mount installation.

No more waiting 3, 6 or 9 months for those who advertise “coming soon” and never deliver…. AM Hot Rod Glass can make Flush Mount Windshields in 7 – 10 Days.  Yes that means YOUR custom windshield will have a fast turn around time.  This will assist in keeping the true vision for the custom build.

It’s as simple as:

1.  Turn Original Windshield or Plug into AM Hot Rod Glass Acrylic
Windshield – with and additional 1″ extension.

2.  The Custom Builder can now fit the AM Hot Rod Glass Flush Mount Acrylic Windshield and create the “Drop Fit” or “Perfect Fit” for the Windshield.

3.  Then  install the AM Hot Rod Glass “Optically Clear” Flush Mount Acrylic Windshield.